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Brownie Wedding Cake
8" Naked Brownie Cake from £45
10" Naked Brownie Cake from £75
2 Tier Brownie Cakes from £135
Cakes will have 4 layers of brownie and a buttercream of your choice between each layer

Brownie Stacks
16 Piece Brownie Stack from £30
32 Piece Brownie Stack from £50
64 Piece Brownie Stack from £80
Decorated with dipped Strawberries, Maltesers, Rolos, Drizzled Chocolate and Glittery Sparkles

Party Tray £19.95 (ideal for your dessert table)
Select from the following: 
Chocolate Brownie, Blondie, Rocky Road 
(all available in different flavours and toppings) 
or Millionaire Shortbread
All trays can be pre cut to bite size portions of either 24 or 30 pieces

Wedding Favours
Boxed favours containing a chocolate brownie with personalised label from £2.25
Hand tied chocolate brownie bites with personalised label from £2.00
Individually wrapped brownie with a personalised label from £2.00

Orders can be personalised and customised to your requirements please contact us to discuss any requirements.

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